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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are not necessary; however, they are recommended. By calling ahead, we are able to focus on your individual design needs and work most efficiently for you.

How long does this design process take?

Every project is different and there are so many variables. Depending upon your individual timeline, we can work accordingly.

Do you have cost averages or pricing per linear foot for cabinetry?

Each kitchen, bathroom, etc. is different and has so many unique characteristics that make costs differ from one to another.

How long does it take to receive manufactured cabinetry?

Depending upon the manufacturer and design, we have cabinets that can be built and shipped within 3 weeks to as long as 10 weeks.

Should appliances be selected before cabinetry?

Nowadays, there are so many different appliance options and there no longer a “standard”. We can help guide you through this process; however, you must finalize these selections prior to finalizing design and construction of cabinetry.

What is the difference between framed and frameless cabinetry?

Frameless cabinets (sometimes called “European”, or Full Access style cabinets) are built without a face frame. They will have minimal space between the doors and drawers and maximize interior storage and drawer space. Framed is the more traditional construction type, with rails and stiles forming a “frame” at the front of the cabinet box. Framed cabinets attach door hinges to frame face. Inset, partial, and full overlay door styles can be used with face framed cabinets.

What storage customizing can be done?

There are ENDLESS storage options that can be integrated into a design depending upon individual needs, budget, and design.

Do you offer commercial cabinetry?

Of course!! Although residential cabinetry is the majority of our business, we also offer custom or manufactured cabinetry for commercial applications.

Why choose Lifestyles by Designs to design my new Kitchen, Bathroom, or other space?

We completely understand our business and the unique needs of our clients. We only partner with quality manufacturers and only employ skilled and experienced craftsmen, professional designers, and installers. All of our installers are dedicated professionals who are fully insured. Lifestyles by Design has the experience and expertise to ensure that your dream space becomes a reality, meets your budget and exceeds your expectations.

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